I need you to really understand what a "sometimey person" truly is
Some throw the phrase around without knowing the depth of a situation
Everyone is not going to want to talk to you when you want them too
Everyone isn't going to be the smile you need to keep YOU going
Sometimes a person just needs to be alone on THEIR time and NOT YOURS
The time a person needs to be will only come around SOMETIMES
Boom out of nowhere I'm hoping you understand
It's not the case of feeling one way one day, another the next
Unless you made someone feel one way,and another the next
Some people forget they can be the straw that breaks the camels back
They throw out "shade" and expect lemonade to be made
But forget that some people plant seeds that can make wine
And will sit under their OWN homegrown tree and be just fine
No one has to be there for people that use them as an exit SOMETIMES
That's not a burden that can be carried all the time, only sometimes
So I hope someone that says "you so SOMETIMEY" stops to think
"What have I done to them to feel the need to back away from"
"What is my friend going through that makes them act differently"
Take the time to listen without bringing your situation in the mix
Sometimes you need to be the shoulder for someone
Sometimes you need to be the one to chase they grey skys away
But that would take sometime away from you thinking about you
So I guess you'll never change because you "ain't no sometimey person"

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