Reflections from the River

Standing ankle deep in the cool running water the summer
sun was hidden behind puffy pillow clouds. A onetime silence gave
me cause to hear my heartbeat pounding. A roaring sound appeared
coming alive in the distance growing closer. deafening. Newfound
fear held hard releasing me running to the river's edge. The river
rushed with ferocious abandon, debris pushed downstream in violent
waves. Magnificent sounds filled the air, rushing water was all I
heard. Nature halted her wondrous summer songs drowned by forming
rapids. Minutes passed, a calm river flowed fast washing flat jagged
rock. Man-made energy used natural resources creating an alternate
destructive force proving to Mother Nature all was not hers.
The dam opened spilling dirty, rushing greenish water downstream
as nature stopped and observed. Her powers captured upstream had
given rise to insanity. Miles of river water flowed to the inlet
where river intersected lake. Marshland welcomed the water where
fish and birds found refuge from violence in this new ecosystem.
Mother Nature reopened, vigilant and in song delighting any
listener. The rushing destructive forces calmed in quiet solitude.
The river reflected a newfound refuge. A lone fisherman waited in
silence for his catch unaware of the violence from upstream.

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