Reflections in the Mist

There was silence in the rainforest,
but only for the briefest time
After the predawn storms abated,
before the brilliant morning sunrise
The first to stir about
was the quiet movement of the mist
Rising from the pond,
and swirling on the giant fronds
Making its majestic, mosaic climb
through the foliage of leaf and vine
Ephemeral vapors wafting on the spires of the wind

Reflections in the mist,
echoes back to paradise
Ripples from a distant perfect past,
a glimpse of when we had unending life

The sounds of the rainforest slowly emerge,
the call of the cuckoo and motmot bird,
through the mist that begins to fade
The purr of the jaguar,
the rustle of the king boa
The tropic voices from ground to sky are heard
through the mist that slowly drifts away
Reflection of the garden of Eden dissipates

Reflections in the mist,
future images billowing in a sparkling haze
Return and take us back,
take us back to long forgotten days

The poems of Freddie Robinson Jr. for Poetry Nation are ended

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