Reflections Of A 21 Year Old

Embrace everything, trust nothing.
Forget about tomorrow, it may never come.
Let go of yesterday, it's too late now.
Live as if you were dying, 'cause you are.
A broken heart's an open heart.
Presume to know nothing.
Listen to the silence.
Watch the darkness.
Follow the pain.
See a flower’s pedal.
Watch a thistle grow.
Stand; so that those who can't can see and find strength.
Fall; so those who have will see you stand again and find courage.
Be alone, so you may learn.
Be together, so you may heal.
Look behind the cover.
Look beyond the words.
Find the child in everyone.
Embrace vanity.
Embrace value.
Seek salvation.
Forgive, or it will destroy you.
Go, or you will forever be still.
Stay, or you will forever be missed.
Thank someone for no reason.
Sleep under the stars at least twice.
Long, but do not need.
Need, but do not long.
Love one another, because in the end, each others all you have.
Give someone your heart.
Be ready for it to be broken.
Do it anyway.
Give advise.
Take advice.
Learn from others mistakes.
Embrace pain, or you won't know joy.
Embrace loneliness, or you won't know the true value of a hug.
Miss me.
Hate me.
Listen to your heart: Be yourself.
Long for a warm embrace.
Accept Christ.
He has laid the table before you, not you before Him.
Listen to music; not for morals, but for meaning.
Understand prudence.
Go wild.
Eat a cookie.
Seek, but do not search.
Search, but look through nothing new.
Talk to your grandmother.
You’ll miss her when she’s gone.
Be grateful for what you have.
Hold only to what you're grateful for.
Dance in the rain.
Sketch a heart.
At least find a reason too.
Look for something that is not there, see what you find in its place.
Listen or you will miss things,
Like the mind of an odd quiet boy that can't shut up,
And can't help it.

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