Reflections (of a broken man)

When I look into the mirror all I see in reflection is,
a tortured soul, a hollow shell of a man
Feeling like a man no more, I've become a
stranger to myself and saddened to the
deepest depths of my very core.
I've lost my way, cant seem to find myself,
by cold lonely night or by the brightest light of day
Some days the mirror reveals bright hopeful
eyes when mindlessly gazing into it and
other days, most days sadly, gray, dismal,
empty eyes stare back.
On the rarest of occasions there are moments
it seems a former part of myself still fights
to survive and I feel like a warm, inviting
breeze on a most beautiful sunny summer day
Probability has proven time after time that
I most commonly feel entirely compatible
with a blistering cold, bone chilling winter day.

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