I fled here to the land of the Western World
As a Refugee
Through the Tragedy
With less Energy

Once upon a time -
When I opened my Eyes
And gave my first ever Cries
I was too innocent to realised Whys
That I was born to be a Refugee.

Am I a refugee ?
I got myself Attention
That I didn't have a Nation
Which is not a Fashion
But rather,it's a big Question ?

Alas ! I feel !
I've become Homeless now,
But not Hopeless yet ,
I know I am a Helpless person,
But I know myself not a Useless one.

Obviously ! I Agree
I was born to be a Refugee
But I don't wanna die to be a Refugee.
I was born to be Ordinary,
But I will die to be Extraordinary.

Sometimes -
When people call me Asylum Seeker,
And glance on me like I am a Joker,
Gutlessly, I feel myself Weaker,
But only the heaven knows that I am a Great Thinker.

While I walk on the street-
She looks at me like a Stranger,
He stares at me like a Revenger,
But I am a true Messenger,
Who brought wisdom from Himalayan Ranger.

My Heart says...
I am a refugee with a Brain,
So I won't let my knowledge goes down the Drain,
Keeping alive my identity is my Strain
So I won't see my dedication dies in Vain.

In a nutshell -
Difficulties which I have been through are now just Memories,
Experiences which I accumulating are still under the Miseries ,
Whys this world so perplexed to understand the Realities ?
However, I gonna let my spirit burn like the sun for Centuries.

By: Kagyabtsang
Lobsang delek
Tibetan artist who recently reside in France as political refugee.

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