Refugee voices

We are refugee animals, they and I
The fight to survive is what it’s all about
The fight to survive
Have you wondered why
We settle in groups?
Have you wondered it might be for protection?
We hitch lifts on the ocean where winds and currents carry us to safety
We visit our friends and eat and laugh and remember
Before we set off
And then, after a while on the long journey,some of shrink
Like birds in flight lose the thickness of non-essential organs
To be light
Some of us come from far,far away
Like humpback whales we are,
Like us they are travelling more than 8,500 kms each way
And when we get to the foreign land
Still shocked from attacks of gunfire,bombs and famine
When we arrive
Away from governments which lock up our rights
And burn our ancestral memories
When we arrive and expect to be offered safely
Like,because we are human, we expect that right
The right to safety we expect wherever we go
Because we are human
Then we find
The nest of our ancestral memories I
Violated by suspicion and fear
No,we do not go and take away you minerals
Like an african elephant or a wildebeest going to
Search for essential oils
No,we do not run away from harsh winters where we come from
Like a caribbean spiny lobster
But like them we run to find shelter
Not like the monarch butterfly ,we do not flee to break records
To get into the guinness world book of records
As the monarch butterfly who holds the record
For the longest insect migration
Not like it we are not.
We also flee because we are hungry and dying
We flee because the declaration of human rights
Is respected by all
No,we do not go in search of a mate
Like the male sperm whale looking for places to lay eggs,give birth.

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