They call us Refugee
But whose land is this from sea to sea?
Questioning my worth and abilities,
Is this not the true travesty?
If you were drowning and needed me
My outstretched hand is what you would see
Borders that are very real
Separate dreams from my reality
You say I cannot cross
But it's just not that simple
For I am not invisible
To animals you are more humane
You rescue and shelter them as the same
Please give me half the consideration
If only you could see into my world of desperation
Wars and bombings you think should be normal for me
But I have hopes and wish for my children to laugh with glee
So do not act as though you deserve better than me
Because you are citizens of a land that is free
I had no choice in my place of birth
Or the political regimes that dictate and hurt
Now, I'm running into the arms of thee
Not physical borders
So open your hearts
And, please do not turn your backs on me

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