It’s been so long
And God! So lonely
No games or friends to keep me company
Or the cliche trips in the family's cornfield

I was just a child
When a stray bullet hit my spine
Paralyzing me in the middle of the busy road,
Which eventually got me crushed by a long line of transport vehicles.

It was a dark dusky night
And I wouldn't see my fingers if I raised them right in front of me
I could have shouted, screamed or do something, but I didn't
So I don't blame the man behind the wheels.

With all that said and done,
With all the misery I thought I was rid off,
I was locked up in a tiny room six feet below,
Where my limbs could only move a certain distance,
Knocking continuously for ages, expecting something or someone to knock back in response to mine.

No one told me it... It'd be this lonely(sobs)
Cause’ if I'd known, I'd have somehow begged to be cremated instead.

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