No turning back,
its been said,its been done,
your caught,
fxck it,you say,
but you still didnt run,
run from the situation like you used to;
life as i know it;
i need to grow up and learn from it;
some guroo;
tilt your head to the side,crazy,
you got caught slippin' in that lie,
tell me why you said what you said,
i felt bad when i did,
so just use& abuse my heart,
na you just went to far,
it may have been said,
but i know for sure it wasnt done,
because i swore to myself,
you was the one,my one and only,
i cant let go,
we are in a fxcked up world,
if you believe needa let go,let go,
but rememeber our times we've shared together,
how many times we had made it thru the stormy weather,
i close my case,
i lay the phone down,
and dont erase.

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