He regrets the day he meet her. He regrets the first time there eyes met. He regrets the first kiss they shared on that warm summers night.
He wishes he could turn the clock back changing the past. He wonders how it got this out of control.
He is beside himself with guilt for sticking with her as long as he has. He can't stop thinking about where they went their separate ways all those days months and years ago.
Was it something he did or was she to blame? He still can't handle the fact she played him like a fool. He trusted he with everything. Just to be toyed with. She regrets the day she let him go without a fight.
She hopes and prays he keeps her in his heart. She wishes for the day he'll coming running back to her.
She dreams of laying beside him listening to him breath again

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A stuble in my long life of love and pain one relationship I let go to easy