Regrets of a Lamb

Better to live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a lamb
But I am a lamb
I glimpsed the world
I saw beauty, I saw flaws
Adventures to be had and changes to be made
The Sheppard says school is next, with it comes hours of dull text
Now I'm in perpetual debt, I thought that I'd be free, but not yet
You've got to work for your rye, but must I work till I die?
I dreamt to be a lion
But I've joined the flock
Watching the clock
Earning a wage while growing in age
He tells us we're free while we choose not to see
That he pulls on his crook with our desires caught on the hook
But they are kindly replaced
Adventure and purpose erased, conformity and stability embraced
We are all lonely in this herd,
Hiding ourselves to the point it's absurd
Connections are hard when everyone is on guard
But I had my chance, she put me in a trance
I remember seeing her face, and her gait so full of grace
I wish each day that I had given chase
And discovered if the spirit matched the face
The sight of her made me Sweat,
There was a time when our eyes almost met
Instead mine darted back to the exam, indeed I am a cowardly lamb
So many dreams that I didn't pursue
Now my time is coming due

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