Rehearsal Kisses

I've chased ghosts
for ages upon ages...
until you changed the tides.
Ever since,
I've chased your shadow.
Doesn't matter if I know it
or am too proud to admit it
or even notice how I
I keep tracing your silhouette
particularly in dreams.

Breathless, I am defeated.
Years have passed as though
the sleep after pulling the Master Sword,
and I crave your hands
like drenching rain after years of drought.

I want to kiss your eyes clean,
or trade blood so as to ease your burden.
This time, I'd rather not be
so placid before the risk of another loss.

I have found, and amplified,
the sunshine in these veins--
will you grace me
with your wave-shaping face
so I may offer the poets words with which
they may know love worth entire shelves
of gentle verses?

I want to be worthy,
so I'm willing to temper me soul
with flames of every colour
you may deem necessary!

Don't be afraid of the sound
of crashing waves in
deceptive distances;
I'll do me best to keep soft surf
washing up to your feet
so you may walk in at your pace.

For you, I am easily boundless.
You need but say the word--
you need but forget the sand
and slide from your mountains
'til melted snow meets this salt-cured heart.

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This Poems Story

This is a love poem I wrote for an old flame.