Reign Of Kcallia’s Torment

It's through the visual of the land came a rash with infected bags over to continue a decision
realm broken hearted Kcallia Silverstone.
It's after she' reconciled plans with the aprokinton creatures that
are monster like in build with elemental and telepathic abilities.
It's to discuss about the orders of Zanxdalls ravaged future.

The seemly it exhausts to vanquish the violence between the viper vampire and the common vampire.
This war is so called injustice hatred by the common vampire
the rebel's resistance of the city.
That and the grief that's haunting her from her past blood sucking addiction it wasn't completely.
The personal lives in her memories of no sight
of her dad exceedingly the choices.

It's what she has made to escape her days with blood red alcoholic drinks.
The beverages that were bad had to over looked but never forgotten ever since by her
in a cold quest onto many.

Then it's away from Zanxdall to handle Secgbrel in a hope that she will find
her sister Lyuarisa Silverstone to reconnect to fix what?
Its thin their relationship holding a scent of anger in Kcallias creed
communicates the days to no word from Lyuarisa.
What will she have?
This could be not heard of from disturb so twisted meant did she seek love worth.

It's in the blue ocean city that she resides with a guy.
It's not complete to her liking as Drakan would be which is to her regarded highly unfavorable.
This as it she despises them but not me her vampire demon king.
This instead she rather fights crimes by design
the monsters inside that hide hurting others.

Who tremble in the presence of Kcallia?
Then her dash havoc throughout the city as well handling the danger.
These that humans caused to save all but can't
so she under her anger.

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This Poems Story

It's Kcallia's idea of expensing justice in her own right without any regard for anyone's dislike for it.