Reincarnated Poem.

Reincarnated Poem.
Life is a challenging roller coaster that we ride some make it back some fall off to early and die most of us never have that final chance to say goodbye.......I've lived most of my life wih many hard challenges flat line on the hospital table then came back more then once call it what you want but this is the reincarnation of my life........ God through the tools to light my life fire and it was lit in a amazement of everyone around me some prayed for me in fear of losing me for good some prayed for me for the good some wee left jaw dropped not knowing what to say they just weren't understood the right way.......I've seen hell and lived in heaven for a day then back to earth like I was rebirthed..... I sit here smoking on a swisher sweet and drinking a beer realizen what I have and what I'm blessed for and why god wanted me here on earth for so long...... My friends my family my strength to give to others when there falling down.......I love you all and will always be here in person and some day in spirit.......

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