Hello, I think we've met before.
I remember; we weren't on the same page.
That English class took a lot out of us--a lot out of me--
And we weren't properly introduced.
I sat in the back of the text,
Only showed up for a couple of weeks, and then the final.
We studied together, I remember,
But I only could answer one question on that test.
Back in high school, I was in a bad place.
The teacher and I didn't get on well,
All I was able to do was analyze, I couldn't get myself out there.
I was in a right state,
Probably was as good as dead in that class.
But now, I'm getting help--
From friends who
Stuck through it to see
Just how great I can be.
So, how about we try again--reintroduce ourselves?
Hello, I'm a form of self-expression. My name's Poetry,
What's yours?

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