You'd better listen as she cries.
Soon the day comes when she dies.
Grief and despair consume her heart.
Each of you gave your part.
She asks and asks, yet you do not heed.
Soon comes the day there will be no need.
She was there to wipe your tears.
She gave you love and calmed your fears.
But where were you when came her own.
None were with her, she stood alone.
She gave her life to each of you.
But in return what did you do?
Pout and complain, "Not good enough".
She treated you kind, but you treted her rough.
It's the little things that make her life.
First, she was rejected as a wife.
Then, as a mother, she must have failed, too.
For she got respect from none of you.
Never enough! It was never enough!
She gave all her heart, but it was never enough.
Her dream is to someday have love and respect.
She's so tired of being a worthless reject.

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