Rejected Dreams

In a place nearly a million miles or so,
To a land where almost no man will go,
Is an isle of rejected dreams.
Full of thought and ideas,
Never followed dreams, and the hopes thought to be pointless.
Cast away, thrown out, rejected, disregarded,
As though they never existed in the first place.
They lay there waiting, vivid, bright, and bold,
Though in need of a good polish.
And when stumbled upon now and then,
They drive insane the most strong and intelligent men.
For their heads are full of rules crisp and clear,
And far too strict for this wonderful place.
A place of imagination, creation, rejuvenation, exclamation.
We are too tainted for these pure ideas.
We're taught to just toss them.
So they'll wait for what shall never come,
A person that'll accept, just for once,
The unbelievable, wonderful, unacceptable truth.
And for that, these thoughts, ideas, and dreams
Shall wait forevermore.

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