They didn't want Him for their king
being meek was an utterly detestable thing
They didn't want Him to be their king
what conquering tales could this man bring
They wanted a fierce one like Julius and Alexander
men who were lecherous and loved to pander
They didn't want a king who was pure and angelic
they wanted a king who brought back bloody relics
They wanted a king who sung tavern songs
and endorsed riotous living for living long
They didn't like the way He made His disciples walk
and how His miracles made sinners give pause and balk
They didn't like to hear the goodly words He spoke
and how He was surrounded by poor and simple folk
What kind of army was this they scornfully wondered
that didn't lie or steal, that didn't kill or plunder
No, this man was worthy of a Pilate rejection
He with the flinty face of godly perfection
And on His cross it said He was the King of the Jews
but the unbelievers said it was an election they didn't choose

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