It’s a strange feeling rejection
starting off with a powerful conception
you spend a lifetime to obtain
the very thing you cannot retain

the lack of love from a person
you cannot escape from his prison
you beg and plea for unconditional love
only to find the one promise of

self-pity, hate and destruction
destroying yourself by your own construction
how long does it take to over come
the need, the desire for all to be undone

forever is not long enough
no matter how brave, no matter how tough
you try to forget and accept
the sadness and feelings of regret

eternal hope kept you going
but in the end comes the knowing
no matter how hard, no matter how deep
his love was never yours to keep

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This Poems Story

I used to believe that rejection is the only emotion that you can never over come. I have felt rejection because I could not fit into the box and social acceptable roles that was expected of me. I wrote this poem for my dad. I believed for the biggest part of my life that I have let him down and turned out to be a great disappointment for him. After I wrote the poem, I realized that I only looked at the relationship from my perspective. When I got to see myself through his eyes, the most wonderful relationship started between father and daughter. Always remember there are two sides to every coin/story. You also might have experienced rejection, but let my story inspire you to fix broken relationships before it is too late.