Tip toe my toe's tip
Peeking over the ledge, as I lock my knees
Thinking of all the keys that have ever unlocked
My heart, thumping in a 6/8 pulse
Pulse mine, shoulders cold, thoughts frozen

City cars zooming by like satellites and bumblebees
They sting my eyes like acid rain
My tears burn my face like acid rain
Leaving me colorless and deserted like a rainforest killed by people

I am about to be killed by my own kind
Woman-kind, musician-kind, poet-kind
Falling forward physically but mentally behind

Relapse --
I will soon soar with the birds,
Doves not pigeons
57 stories in the air
57 stories that people's imaginations will soon paint
As to why I decided to fall
Head over heels, heels over head
Head of mine splattered like a water balloon
After I fall out of love with life
And fall into the luxury of death,
Granted by gravity.

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