Release from the Duat and Earth

Thy envoys gone, Thy heralds quickly ride
Encircled arms at Father Atum's side
No star god is without companions' grace
By which divine authority defied?
"See me, the Progeny who know their spells
Imperishable stars hear palace bells
Where Horus and the tempter, Seth make war."
What guiding light could lead us from these Hells?
"Spit in the face of Horus and replace
All injuries; Seth's manhood to embrace
One born to you, this one to you conceived
Will never shake the earth, nor sky, nor space.
No hurt, no injury shall come to Thee
More ba than Osiris; more King than he,
More ba than Seth or Geb; god's seed of life
Sun Atum saves thee from the sky of sea?
And Atum will not take thy heart or mind,
Such gods can not reclaim the pearls they find
The twins proclaim, "Distinguished!" at Thy sight
The Horus of Duat has left them blind.
To think of Thy identity divine
Imperishable stars: Thou next in line?
Thy nose, as like a Jackal in the sky
Thy eyes and teeth and limbs no longer Thine.
Sopdu and Hapi and Duamutef
With Imseti and Qebehsenuef
Go down to Undersky for Thou art ka.
Their curses came beyond Thy final breath.

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