Relenting Fear

pride clouds my soul like an overcast
my ego is bigger than the sky
all this time I thought I did it all myself
then realizing it was God

each and everyday I thought I was perfect in my own special way
that I could go out and do it on my own
that I could slay the beast alone

until one day I struggled, with one sword in my hand
no shield to protect me, I thought it was the end
I was slipping into the deep abyss
that i made myself

the dark cloud I was fighting crushed my sword into tiny bits
now I was just left there standing, feeling naked and alone
I ran to my hideout like a coward, now forlorn

embarrassed that I retreated
inexcusable that I have lost
the only monster that I've fought had defeated more than once

So why is it that this monster
so big and dark
defeats me every time
when the odds are for his loss

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