Relentless & Sadistic

Grains of sand fall through the cracks.
Gritty & hot between your toes.
Squishy & mushy in the salty water.
Waves crash forward one after another.
During the winter & the summer.
The rocks near the shore have seagulls.
They are waiting for the fish.
Their silent daily wish.

At the beach it was just us two.
I couldn't are anyone else there I knew.
The color of the water was green & blue.

The ghost voice speaks, but can it see?
La Jolla Cliffs is haunted.
On video tape in 2008 I recorded it's voice that taunted.
Then it said ' Ha ha, I found you".
Spooky right? It wasn't like Casper saying "boo".

It said " Ariel come closer".
It's like it chose her.

Seashells wash up on the shore.
Like little presents from the sea floor.
The relentless sun bakes your flesh.
Sunblock or sunscreen works the best.
Feeling thirsty to drink some ice water.
Under the shade from the trees just me & my daughter.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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