My eyes are heavy now
I haven’t slept for days
The bright lights are slowly fading
I cry as my mind music plays

My stare is blank and bitter
As tears stream down my face
How could I be so stupid?
And fall for a basket case

He was a little too good at lying
And I responded by believing
I was his one and only girl
but he was also with HER every evening

Arriving to my house so happy
Convinced it was because of me
But really he loved another girl
I was just too blind to see

I was his friend with benefits
Which he covered up so well
Getting what he wanted
While putting me through hell

Caught up in oblivion
to this game I will constantly lose
Being the prize to a drunk man
Who had far too much booze

It’s not the brightest feeling
It tears you up inside
And instead of floating in the ocean
I wanted to drown in the tide

To make things so much harder
He tried to break the fall
By saying he made a mistake
Though it was no mistake at all

The “other girl” did not want him
And I was just his backup plan
But he had his chance before
And now he will never be my man

I don’t believe in second chances
My heart is far too wise
It’s been deceived by plenty
Accompanied by tricks and lies

So as each second passes
My feelings fade away
Knowing if he truly loved me
He should have chosen me that day

Though I will not sulk in sorrows
From the shadows of my past
Sometimes bad things happen
And even the good times don’t seem to last

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