In the twitter-light, she holds me there.
On her emerald lawn, she breathes across my body.
Hair whips back as icy fingers run its length.
And as black bleeds across the sky, the moon rises.
Pulled by a chariot, it leaves behind only glitter.
She wraps around me, and I forget what ailed me.
I no longer know of work or the meaning of bills.
Saturated in sacred light, her faintest touch.
I become undone, wanting to hold her back.
Needing to hold her in my arms for eternity.
For every moment that I breathe.

But her ephemeral grasp leaves me broken.
I crave her like the strongest drug but she leaves me.
Surrounded by nature, I'm reminded of obligations.

I won't forget her.
I'll search for her influence in every creation.
Until she's with me, every piece of me lay asunder.
She is my purpose.

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