Relinquere (FINISHED)

Bring me to my senses

I hope that by now you have killed your defenses

Stab me in my discerning third eye

You might have well just let me fall over and die

Love will come and love will go

And by now you should've been smart enough to know 

How our dances just to breathe the past

Are only the struggles to make the feeling last 

The words I heard that night in the dark

Gave me the strength to wander deep into your park 

The ocean is unsettled and deeper than I thought

A dark struggle to stand tall in the melting pot

Wired to say that nothing ever lasts

If you will have me, I will show you the right path 

Will you open your eyes

And show me how alive your silver spirit cries

You cry to scratch the surface

You think you have such a familiar purpose

Like that day we lived and loved

We got what we wanted and kissed those high above

Everything smiled here and there

And the coldness of your wind struck me loud and clear

I knew it was gone and done

For, even the smallest trees live to reach the sun

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