Young black and gifted where and when did we miss it?
Failing to enlist this babe when he got sprayed on the side,
he laid drift, drifting slowly away,
now remembering the day god's creation went away.
Some one tell me how things ought to be, personally,
I'm thinking righteous and tightly,
you see because everything held so loosely.
No regards for life so much blight and no ones talking right,
with the exception of that night Tre' lost his life No wife-No kids.
No 1 life to live, no instead another grave was feed.
The bars got colored and we lost two more brothers,
even if they are different in color- family of great proportion,
now desolate and destroyed from going to a store one night,
this time the price wasn't right.
Tre', George, the family, and our nation lost their life.

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