Remember, the sun will fall.
But the night never last.
Remember that the dreams we make are the stars of our reverie.
To always believe and reach for the lights above.
Remember the departure of the ones we love, but never forget the memories we made.
The haunting past and that epiphany of knowing it's time.
the time of knowing, we're no longer in love with the one we once held dear.
Remember the painful past and the blade digging and red crystals spilling like gold.
Will I remember we cried together, but we will live forever.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written a while back somewhere in 2018. It was a little project to keep me awake and busy during tough times. As I always remembered moments I love not too long ago and being alive here in the present, it was a painful thing to think about so, I wrote this poem to get the feelings on paper. Hope you all enjoy.