Diving through the moonlight I see you in the clouds,
The sight of you makes me want to say,
Come down down to me so we can walk through the stars,
There will never be a perfect match,
But we are the closest to the light,
So dive with me through the ocean of life,
As we fight our way through life, back to back,
Fighting against anything that comes our way,
Knives of passion are our only weapons against the ones who hate,
But what they don’t know is that they can never reach us,
To do that is to destroy love itself,
So pull the pin and let the explosion of life take you,
For I will guide you through the deepest waters we cross,
Let us gain speed so we can take flight from this meek pool and dance across the stars,
Eternally will you be my every thought,
Never will you fight without me by your side,
We don’t need weapons to defend,
Because we have each other to force life back,
And live in a world of happiness,
Away from the pains of life,
So I ask again,
Will you take my hand and dive through a portal to fight through life,
Together we take the plunge into the cold waters of being alive,
But all of this only brings us closer,
If you can invision us as one being, reborn from the ashes,
You will see the sky with our names drawn across,
Never will we ever be apart again,
We will be mentally connected through the journey of life and after,
Going out as one,
One spirit, one mind, forever,
And if our spirits become separated,
I shall spew my wrath throughout heaven and earth,
Never letting anyone stand in my way of you,
I will never letting my thoughts drift through the time and space that will seperate us,
So as we fly through the sky with the stars at our feet,
I’ll wonder,
Will you remember me.

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