Do you remember when you were six and had no fears?
When you were young and innocent
and your dreams felt so close?
When you were like the Titanic, unsinkable,
until something came along and proved you wrong?
When you were living the perfect life?

Do you remember when you picked flowers,
not caring about the bees that stung you?
Do you remember those light spring showers,
running through them?
Your parents told tales
about their tantalizing adventures
You thought you could live like that too

Now you stand on the beach shore,
Listening to the waves crash into the rocks
Thinking about when you were six
Thinking about what you have lost

Your soul is both ice and fire
Leading you through the night
And of your dreams you now tire, thinking
‘What’s the point of anything?’
While the waves keep crashing
Knowing their place in space and time

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