Daylight crumbles into night,
As smoky haze fills the sky
The enemy has taken flight
The dream shall never die!
Your countless stars of lead
Upon my breast constellations make
Creating an earthly bed
For every soul they take.
I listen! Hurry boys, the time has come!
Through thunderous roar comes the cry.
Rally forth! Steady your guns!
Those remembered shall never die!
With unfound rest they trudge
Burdensome loads upon their back
Through blood-soaked earth and sludge
They make ready for the attack.
Swords brandished once again
Playing catch with morning sun
They gnaw, slash, and hack away the men
Until all have fallen, one by one.
Forever must I see them all
Writhing and gurgling from gasping lung
Scared and alone, I watched them fall
And fade away in silenced tongue.
Yet no more shall they age
Though their actions some condemn
These men who fell in rage
Now become the forgotten men.
Listen, from deep within my hollowed bowels
They cry out, these men, the voiceless dead
With screams and pleas and ghastly
Longing to walk once more the path untread.
I strain for sight of hallowed grace.
And wonder how it got this far
At such accelerated pace
What once was whole, now torn apart.
Forever must I witness these fallen dead
In pale battalions go marching by
Remembering what once was said
Those remembered shall never die!
So when you gaze upon my scars
Or hunt for ash and bone, my claimed treasure
All made so by your leaden stars
Of such number I dare not measure.
I ask only this of thee,
That when it comes my time to die,
Keep me forever in memory.
For what is remembered shall never die!

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