Remember Me, I’ll Remember Thee

I thought I would give you, dear daughter to share,
a moment to treasure, when I’m no longer here.
I began in my closet and then with my gloves,
nothing perfectly right for you, only a mother’s love.
I couldn’t demand or even command, my fingers to type what I felt, using this box of artificial intelligence.
If I had a penny for all the beginnings, my typing had incurred,
I’m sure you would think the cost of this poem, absolutely absurd.

But you won’t be surprised at my demised of this original composition, which does not hold any restrictions.
These words that I disclose to you will now & forever ring true.
Remember these words completely, “You I will always treasure deeply.”

Aim like an arrow, life will shoot fast,
aimed at its target soon to swoosh pass.
Your life is like heaven’s tall golden gates,
opening up wide, as you have much to anticipate.
These bottled-up apparitions, without condition;
ghastly, screaming, shouting, to let life’s word and feelings out.

Questions like thunder from overhead,eventually drowning all that can be said.
Feelings that surface, my subconscious tried to hide, anonymously looking for you, “Dear Treasure of Mine.”
There wasn’t any time near, to accomplish everything in my life, dear. To even out set out on my plight to lay your life right.
I hope you take in stride now,the pain I kept deep down inside, somehow.

While I could not bear, as I was not there, any anger aimed at me. I, however, with you agree.
When you felt your life unjustly undone,
if I could have, I would have transmuted some enchanted fun.
If there was a chance, a stitch of hope or assurance,
then I could have sewn together on all your sweaters,
the words that I would have, could have made you feel better.
“Remember me, I’ll Treasure Thee.”

I could well have granted in this mystic abstraction planted,
the adversity of far fashion, in this mist of human contraptions.
There is a catch, no, not out of a baked cookie batch.
In the challenges that gives us a world full of sand,
molded into a person’s dutiful life-span.

The idea of you, albeit concerning is not merely a ghost of a candle left burning.
This hope of mine setting my thoughts, however, maybe regretting.
The pining of being sincere, the answers are not just in my tears.
It isn’t very customary, or wholly necessary to let your character grow without as much as a toll.

Within our broken hearts, love laid just inches apart,
remnants of the past, like Shakespearean’s lost cast.
If life gets better, through the test of time, you’ll have won out, like an aged grapevine.
Life will manifest, with no concern, your future goals that you have earned.
In all the things that you will do, these goals you create are not but just a few.
I need to tell you of evidence, disclose to you, such memorable events.
Please listen, dear daughter, carefully to me, within this poem you’ll gladly see.
“As you remembered me, I treasured thee.”

I have not forgotten, leaving you back,
you must have felt unwanted, like an old backpack.
I will tell you that this isn’t true because while you were remembering me,
I was undoubtedly treasuring you.”
I loved you dear daughter, immensely.
My tears, by your dad, were wiped away each night intensely.

As I thought when I was being this young fool, I was trying to follow an unbreakable, irreplaceable rule.
“Not knowing if you remembered me, as I treasured you.”

The years passed silently in my mind, roaming from thoughts of you time and time.
My daughter, Amber, with your guarded spirit,
holding on to life’s baffling abyss may have been your only risk.
Your penned up emotions, would let loose at last,
mixed with devotion, an appellation for the past.

When would I have been a comfort, so far away?
When could I have advised you, much less help you with your mistakes?
There’s more to one life’s fruit bowls, then a pain of a woman’s woes,
with this I must acquiesce, these problems can quietly exist.
“Remembering me or treasuring you, may somehow be amiss”

As time began dissipating you met your friend Gracie,
see was able to comfort and see you through, showing a kindness of only a few.
Then Pat, her mother, became another.
A beacon in guiding you home to us, her words you did trust.
You listened to her suggestions, as you held back your regression.
It was some wisdom, quite of bit of freedom for you to embrace her way. Although in turn you did have your say.

But even after learning, the gentle way of yearning,
there was something in your heart pulling it apart.
Telling you it’s time to take a chance, for you to go forward, to advance. “While I was treasuring thee, you were remembering me.”

In this way of thinking, you gave yourself hope.
You led your heart in believing that my love would then be invoked.
A phone call you had made, showed me you had learn, not all of us wither, not all within us burn.

The contact, for me, showed generations of seeds.
Your actions quite becoming, your understanding of simple deeds.
The genes of great devotion not dissolved with motion,
your shoulder of remarkable strength with determination at any length.

For us to be able to share there are more moments that we are able to bare. Connecting a daughter with her own mother, cannot even be surpassed by the love of her father.
“To you I can say this…I can treasure thee as you remember me.”

Brought into our dwelling, you became somewhat propelling. Promulgating some rules along the distance, gave such contradictions.
Arguments were retained, fights we overcame.
Treasure of endearment, you had grown to be, in my heart you had been kept, silently.
Justification of patience, vertex of admiration,working towards communication the outcome had won its verification.

Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember when times were good?
Can you think far, far back? Can you think of jumping jacks?
“Dear daughter, I say to thee, remember me as I treasure thee.”

Back then, remember when, you were my only child,back sometime in my teenage days only prior?
When you were my only girl? When reading was such a thrill?
Your dresses round you they had sailed, while wearing those long piggy-tails.
What became of the cute Betty Boop? Wearing your curls in a loop?
Dear daughter, endearment on you wasn’t always wisely spent.
It is not lost from my memory as I think far back; life was topsy-turvy,
there wasn’t a specific design that would’ve given us more time.
“Just treasuring you, you see, could only bring hope of you remembering me.”

Even if I was to have believed, that I would have been able, to life, deceive.
Who knows where our family would have been? How uncomplicated our lives would seem?
I tried to be a mother to you, without shame.
Seemingly endlessly being called by her…”a pain.”
I tried to learn so much at once, this I must say was a strain.
Bottle feeding, using cloth diapers and learning to cook at first without help, just a few things to name.
But Grandma “M” denied me. That every night you see;
“I was the one that kept you up, that I wasn’t a fit mother, to fill your cup.” I believed she had been truthful, why would a mother-in-law lie? How could she cause this grief so? Were we expected to vie?

Finally we left her clutches, your daddy and I.
But because of the mistake we made,
we were forced to leave you and your brother behind.

In my dreams I would treasure, in my very thoughts.
You became a yearning, the tightness in my stomach, a knot
We went back to the lawyers, your daddy and I.
Our story now soundly to them we would tell.
They could do nothing, but hum and hah. Oh Hell!

To all our friends and relations it was a statement that didn’t have alterations.
Although they said it was a sad situation, our hearts yearned for gratification.
I kept in touch with most of the schools; pushing the limits following the same sad rules. Grades and education, I had expectations.
The photo book and many observations, these were the only form of communication.
If ever you had needed me, if ever you wanted to be, part of our family tree, then all you had to do was tell, all you had to do was yell.

Sometimes it would seem…you would be the one who would follow a dream.
‘Cause here we are together today, as the song on the radio does say…”come what may.”
Music sheets of life’s origins, with the beauty marks of configurations. Upside down, crisscross, left to right; could it be, I’m just to slow for this kind of plight?
Where did you go my little rose? Where is this angelic child of mine?
Somewhere inside of you, where you have chosen to further a prosperous, fateful sign.
My tear catcher, my parade watcher; where is my vision of doves?
My true reality? My anchor of love?
I called you my first class, jovial, mystical lass.
My little special schoolyard girl. You’re the only deep seas oyster’s real pearl.

I remember and will treasure, the words that gave this mother pleasure.
You stated when you were young, as you held my hand within yours, so tight.
That you would stay right next to me, so close, at my right side.
You said in your little voice, so soft and so low and in a small whisper as I held you close,
“I cowint ber to lit yu go, Momy, fur one sigil nite,I wub yu moy din yu eber no. Dear Momy, peas hoe me wil twight.”

Well now darling, I think it’s time. Whether or not you should go, to be able to tell you,“the things which you will treasure are things that will sure to make you bold.”

I tell you, dear heart, to stand up straight and tall when you’re up against a wall.
Forget the ones on defense, these are the ones, as you walk by them, become part of society’s singed. Take care of your heart, for it will only part. Just like your soul, your heart has less control.
Precious, this I will say, there will not be a day, that your face I will not forget, this you can bet. It is shown in the laughter of the hereafter basking in the shadows of my soul.

Once again, memories precipitate wildly,of the time where the feelings of motherhood I took mildly.
I now know of things not known then, I now know, the strength of the pen.

There are special moments when time ceased to exist, the final analysis of the gray imaged mist. I was able to thwart the unpleasant places in my heart untold,giving in to only the glorious moments of gold.
It reminded me that now, how you are free and how a young life needs to proceed.
“Will you remember me, as I treasure thee?”

When you weren’t here, I couldn’t bear the memories of long ago.
Why was our lives rewritten? At what price was our lives commissioned?
I couldn’t give an explanation because I didn’t know of God’s type of persuasion.
Clothes became your interchange, as you became a young woman.
Life’s in-betweens, life’s little dreams were your important goals of your form, of your carefree norm.
Without a care, you didn’t dare leave home without clean pantyhose, or shoes with various soles. How is that this I could comprehend? As through life you needed to blend.
Make-up was just a brush, light color was the blush that swept upon your pale cheek, it was pink, I think.

Sweet perfume, hairspray in this place does linger too.
It just all seems a far away dream, the nightly long chair rocks, swept up into this empty quiet place, with only the sounds of the clock’s solemn tick tocks.

The blue subdues of the sky, the dark hues the moon gave that night.
Your eyes would close softly to the sweet sounds of Braham’s lullaby,as I kissed your angelic forehead…goodnight.

You became my little girl, no one else above, that I could have grown to love. The one who up until her teens, wanted to help me clean the beans,
you wanted to help wash the bathtub, when you were little, as your arms were all full of soapsuds.

I left your room undiminished, but with some gloom like a blemish. I had seen that there would never be a worry ‘cause in this world of what you call your journeys. “There will always be a time to remember me, and time to remember that I will treasure thee”

I see there will come a day, when you have found your own soul mate. The one and only true dear of your life, you say,
a confidante, who doesn’t like to keep you guessing or keep you at bay.

A fellow with a heart of gold, true love of your life, I am told.
He will want to keep and marry you he won’t mind all the silly things that you do. You my dear, will give in to his declarations, his expectations without hesitations.
“The only thing that I ask of thee, is that as I treasure thee, please don’t stop remembering me.”

The two of you at the altar the words you two speak will not falter,
my young lady in her wedding dress, your gentleman in his very best.
The simple, “I Do’s” may be both your gifts, but it is also a parent’s someday wish.
The reception is at attention, waiting for the couple to be mentioned.
The two of you are greeted with many congratulations, gifts off of the best stores reservations.
The bride and groom’s wedding song has you both dancing to lyrics that could go on life long.
Eyes captivated by the love that both your hearts endure,
arms entwined, a feeling of being assured.
As your lips complete a yearning kiss,
“It is you, my treasure that I will miss.”

They’ll be songs for you two, songs of love and joy and even so much more.
As you exit the reception hall followed by cheers and all.
The honeymoon that you both will seek is not what is said to be.
For it is the life you share the guidance of both your cares.
“It is both of your lives now in which I will treasure, he and thee.
As you both, I hope, remember me.”

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