Remember Secrets

Hidden away in the backs of our minds,
Away from prying thoughts,
Stored in a locked chest with a missing key,
We are told to keep,
Told to never tell,
Shared to us with absolute trust,
Like a weighed anchor in our minds,
The more we are told to hide them,
The more we want to tell them,
Held in our hand like a prized possession,

Burdening us with the knowledge they hold,
Like a shiny new purse waiting to be flaunted,
All dulled up in pinks, purples, and blues,
New dress new shoes,
Like a slow-acting poison,
Slipped into our thoughts,
Leaving us to deteriorate,
Walking into our lives like an unwanted itch,
An unwanted glitch,
Meant to destroy or teach,

With pressure so real,
Pretending was traumatic,
Forcing us to act behind a facade,
Like frauds,
Pretending to be who we are not,
Only created to manipulate our thought,
Pressure our minds,
And take control of our truths,
But we still tell ourselves,
Remember Secrets.

Pronounced- Exe-dent-te-as
Eccedentesiast- someone who forces pain behind a smile.

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This Poems Story

It\'s talks about the weight keeping secrets put on our minds as well as the feelings that come with keeping them.