Remember..... Some Days!

Verse: 1
Now I'm not the most educated man,
but I think I can handle who I am.
So here's my key, to a life sublime.
Live it all like it is borrowed time!
And remember!
Some days, you know they're depressing.
Some days, you know they're a blessing.
You got to live this day like all the rest,
by trying to make it your very best!
Verse: 2
I can write sad stories until your face turns blue.
Yeah, I could make you feel, your life is through.
An optimist though, will look the other way.
His glass is only half empty every single day.
And remember! ( repeat Chorus)
Verse: 3
There will always be pains & regrets for you and me.
We got learn to shake them off, like a dog with fleas.
Then we can wake up and enjoy our day.
So I hope you've seen life my simple way.
And remember! (repeat Chorus)

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    This Poems Story

    Our Creator gives us another new day.....It's up to us to carry on in our own way.