Remember the Ancient World

But listen, I say, and you will see the
ancient wonders of ancient years.
See Mesopotamia first, all grand and sweet with two flowing rivers-
more mythical than Rhine and powerful ziggurats following behind.
Next will come Egypt, mighty and strong, with haughty
pyramids and famous pharaohs tagging along.
Babylon will pass, gay and golden, but never to fail-
always strong with a gate to greet and for all to see
hanging gardens splendor and all.
Then Greece we will see in all its glory, with
songs that sing of heroes and
numerous gods to be feared and favored.
Last but not least will come raging Rome,
Romulus and Remus to be its guide with
conquering armies marching behind.
Now with nothing to do but behold the beauty of these ancient lands,
I ask you to remember with me the unforgettable past.
To remember the ancient world!

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