Remember the Forgotten

Remember I shook my head.
"Remember" They all pleaded.
I looked into their faces, shining with tears
As if pleading would make me remember the forgotten.
Something sharp coiled in my chest.
As if remembering would take my last breath.
But memories seemed to reach me.A face.
His eyes were full and sparked, his laugh so like music
His hands so gentle and warm, his tone soft and understanding
His stare so deep and penetrating
Always mysterious always teasing
Secretive he was, but to me an open book
He was like treasure that belonged in the lost and found
yet always scattered everywhere else.
But my love peeled and now astray.
The boy from the past perfect in every way
Just not mine.
I knew I should want to remember as much as they wanted me to,
But somewhere deep down I didn't want to remember.
Somewhere the remainders of the past still hurt.
Somewhere the horrors and feelings still circled.
"Remember" They said, but I had made my mind.
I wasn't going to Remember.
"Remember" But so faint and distant it sounded.
How could a girl hurt from the past want to remember?

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