remember, they are loved

you are the ones who get paid to protect
and serve the people who have found a home on this land
you solemnly pledged to “first, do no harm”
yet here are the children of melanin-filled ashes standing before you

you have manifested your inner potential
of how capable you are of causing hurt to the vulnerable
because all your insecurities
have been fulfilled by those of colour

manipulating others to believe your one-sided assumptions
to having those of our species support wrongful death
you may be majority by a numerical figure
but love will always conquer

you forget that he was not just a beautifully-skinned man,
she a beautifully-skinned woman,
he was a father, brother, and son
as she was a mother, sister, and daughter

they were just like you and i, homo sapiens
they dreamed, breathed, danced, and lived
until you broke the key to their existence
they were loved and will always be loved, remember that

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