Remember This

I was somewhere in the hills of South Dakota,
That my heart insisted were mountains.
Amidst the sound of my mom’s laughter,
Draped by the soft fabric of my dad’s sweatshirt,
The scent of campfires clinging to me,
I was in a moment.
Moments are beautiful until you realize they're temporary.
Suddenly images begin to blur,
Simple sounds, such as doors closing and dogs barking, begin to resemble music.
You then picture yourself aging,
And you wonder about being old.
You think not of the things you will be doing as elderly,
But of the things you will remember.
And you start to worry that maybe you will forget the smell of your dad’s shaving cream,
Or the sound of your mom humming to a song she made up in her head.
And as that happened to me,
That moment was no longer beautiful.
That moment was everything.
And maybe if I could possibly remember it,
Then I would be at peace in my final breath.

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