Remember When

Remember back when black people were friends
Because we only had each other then
Back when we wore butterfly collar shirts
Platform shoes and mini skirts
Back when the press an curl was in an
Wearing a afro was the trend
Back when Malcolm was necessary an
Everything necessary was Malcolm
When everything was on layaway an
Layaway was on time
When Motown was the sound and Stevie and Smokey
Were laying it down
When we had hoola hoops and hopscotch with
Plenty of double dutch on the block
When black families were united an
Believed in black power and
Never tried to hide it
When the street lights came on
Signaling you that it's time to get home
When all black people had soul because
That was something know one could control
Oh I wish those days would come back again
So I composed this rhyme to take me back to then

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