I see through the air into the mist
I feel past the earth into the abyss
I see through the fire into the smoke
I listen to the waters as it prods and it pokes
It all leads back to once upon a time
Once upon a time as she was round with child
And she made the most beautiful memories
She made sure when she leaves this earth you'd remember the stories she told you
The same you told to me
Once upon a time how you came to be
She saw through the present into the future
She sees through the present into the past
And like the earth, the air, the water, and the fire
It's an element of human nature and it's passing by fast
So don't take it for granted
The original legacy
It's apart of you it's apart of me
Life unto death, death into eternity
To never be forgotten
To remember the memories

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This Poems Story

The one thing I think about when I hear the word family I think of the memories we share the stories passed down from one generation to the other. It's the thing that holds together millennials of family and it's traditions. It's beautiful and it's apart of every single person.