looping, slooping, warm blooded
child, woman, girl growing breast, baby fingers
sometimes time stumbles trips looks over her shoulder, you know
I didn't know, you know,
I didn't know that day when
we sat on the curb all afternoon throwing berries at cars
I didn't know as
I typed away at a little keyboard at four in the morning
writing bullshit words on bullshit screens for a bullshit game
or the day I sat down in a patch of wildflowers
and giggled and cried
and stared at their soft colors in the grass
I didn't know that one day
the rain would fall so heavy as to
suffocate the baby breathe hidden deep inside of me, make me
bite back tears, make me
gasp at how blue the sky has become
deepless grey clouds luring above me
ready to shatter, so delicate so fragile
life of a little baby girl

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