Heart beats rapidly, as I try to comprehend what is occurring
While I try to concentrate, my palms are sweating
I feel relaxed, as the sky produces a light mist
I am remembering my first kiss
Not being able to stay apart from one another
To enjoy the day with you, I wouldn't trade any other
I only wanted you when push came to shove
I am remembering my first love
Feeling nervous as I allow you to take control
I wanted us to be connected, down to our souls
Love surrounds me as my eyes start to cry
I am remembering my first time
Look of confusion runs all over my face
I look at yours, and trickery, I see no trace
I sit there looking for answers as I tremble and shake
I am remembering my first heartbreak
Sitting alone in my room, not wanting to eat
Eyes stay open for fear of going to sleep
I still wanted you, and no one less
I am remembering being depressed
A glimmer of hope, somehow feeling connected
Me not wanting to love, but you intercepted
Talking all day, I laugh while you joke
I am remembering a sense of hope

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