Remembering Isaiah Coleman

( Before you read this, Isaiah was a close friend of mine who committed suicide friday night. Sept.7,2012, and was found the next morning by his father hanging in the garage. Isaiah was 15 years of age, born on Sept.6,1997. He did it cause he was bullied, for being bisexual and for being black. I dedicate this poem in memory of him, and that no matter what, we wont forget him. Show your support. )

"Dust flows along the depressing wind,
as people lay behind with sadness and pity,
through your choices we could have helped,
and this depressing darkness wouldn't be in the city.
Adventure years you have brung,
but with many tears the angels sung.
A song in remembering you forever.
Without a clueless doubt,
that you are safe and invincible,
that you will never get hurt and can finally sprout.
In Gods arms forever you'll be
And in our breaking hearts you will be remembered
im just sorry it took them this long to see,
truth to when they say you don't know what you got til its gone.
From now there will be an orphaned locker,
And always a hole in a cracking heart,
from the gathering families and friends,
that were roughly torn apart.
I cant imagine the thoughts you had,
i cant imagine the idea of you being dead,
because it seems like as days go by,
my in denial fades and i realize its truth to what they said.
And now my eyes swell with tears
we will stop this judgement for you and the others
and no longer will people take their own life of fears
and will start accepting no matter what colors.
I write of this in to remember of a friend,
who was joyfully living until judgement,
and is now sadly gone.
But will always be living in the hearts ache.
As the dust flows along the strengthening wind,
people now wish forgiveness for their great sin
and always to remember Isaiah Coleman,
and our love and minds are out for no one but him.

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