Remembering On P.T.S.D.

Slithering over the brain just like a tough film
Memories paint the World of experiences,
And only God & I see the bad memories
I’ll forget the preambles of whoever I was,
To jump into my Life’s true destiny
Twelve months ago, I could barely hold a conversation
I would start to forget every new subject
The bad memories would jump
On the surface of that brain gunk
Before I could even get my words together
Now here I am writing this poem
Flowing brainpower without forgetting certain chunks
Makes the one who couldn’t remember the next word
Fell like a true and honest champion
The accomplishment is a real miracle
To go from crying and pleading out,
“Oh my God, P.T.S.D. stole my memory”
To being able to remember all my words
Twelve months later in my never-ending journey

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