Remembering Who You Are

By Da Poet   

It happened such a long time ago
yet the invisible scars show
T'was carefree safe playing games
but now they have changed their names

Speaking in tongues they did not speak
They don't understand that which they seek
But the whip they clearly figured
when they called them out of their name
hey n _ _ _ _ r

Herded on boats like cattle
chained and shackled to the walls
whips they were a cracking
as they depart their peaceful home

Hungry scared and confused
they knew not what to do
as the waves constantly grew
a sickness set in amongst a few

Many died tossed overboard
and the survivor's were still ignored
What an awful place to be
this was hell being tortured not free

With many days journey this trip began
captured by a pale skinned white man
Several days journey can't take much more
as the Captain said land ahoy
finally the boat struck shore

This story ends as it began
being welcomed to this foreign land
by these pale faced ignorant white men
made us feel less than what we were


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