remembrance of first love

adolescent love you were to me
till the stroke of time cut us apart

wallow i may because of my love for thee
vanishing like a cool nightly breeze

oh joy! i sing as i see you again after many years
your beauty brings me to tears
your voice a hallow, suddenly brilliant sound
the seraphs in heaven, soulfully we are bound

yet as time may have it, we depart each others presence once more
only to find are hearts breaking like a splintered door

high tide it is! as we have found new love
shy, brown and beautiful she stands, unafraid to show her wings that dove

yet it be that dove in which your soul presides
as you sell your soul to the angels above, in hope of keeping the bliss of this love
in holy matrimony, the angels and her sing!
crying as you watch, see that your losing who you to be

her heart now in unison with the heavens
your heart in the grave
dread overwhelming, you lay in the sand, thinking about your time with the dove

understanding, you try to move on
never able to as your heart stands with love
never ending love, love for the dove

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