Remembrance of Life.

With days passing, nights falling,
Flowers are blooming birds are chirping
With every gleam, the sun is blazing,
Life is never resting.

Moonlights are showering on the lakes;
Sparkling them with bright flakes
On the sight of the gloomy sky,
We keep admiring as life is flying by.

Dazzling lamps shimmering in the sky,
A calm breeze is drifting by,
With every passing moments time
Our days are numbering in this dime.

With mountains and valleys on and on,
Nothing on earth is setting upon
Shading forever with the green sights,
Everythings made with colours so bright.

Nature is never-ending to hold,
Going with all the delights of the world,
It will endure on surprising you, till the end of your life.
Thus, stay on embracing every sight.

Nothing will be there for very long to see,
So keep on looking to nature's beauty.
As at the end of your life darkness will glow,
Life will end and never show.

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