Remembrance Poem.

Remembrance Poem.
From the bottom to the top we all hope for the fame or money I say fuck both life is a trip if you don't have the one you want to love the most.
I use to take for granted for what I did have some tell me to move on are good times are now in the past I say fuck that you are and for ever will be kept in my heart.
I have been offered the meth and coke I have turned down both your the only one who use to give me that real high in life most of my crew use to be in fear to find me laying dead by the blade of the knife to the wrist fuck that I'm stronger then that people use to talk up lies about us middle fingers up to them I'm the only one with the real facts.
Sex drugs money the worlds fast life I use to live it ran with the wrong crew a few times nothing I was proud of push comes to shove I'm low keyed now looking up to the heaven even through the clouds thanking god for letting me live for this long docs said I was suppose to be gone at age of seven.

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