Poem Title : Reminisce
Love, Lust and Pleasure
The cool breeze
The storm
This perfect weather
Your curves
Your words
Every inch of you makes me yearn
Makes me want to learn
How to give you all the shit
You deserve
The queen in you
Brings a team of two
I'm dreamin
Wake up in the morning
Missing your presence
I'm scheming
And if I ever disappeared completely
It'll have you screaming
So no more games
Young , Savage and a beast
No need to tame
Because my demeanor was never an issue
When you came
So I proclaim
That you don't judge my past
Because there's a reason
And I call on the everlast
But you still left me in the cold
Don t you believe in God
So let he without sin cast
The first stone
But yet I sit here
Melody on replay

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